How to Buy a House Using a Mortgage Without BI Checking, Here Are the Tips

How to Buy a House Using a Mortgage Without BI Checking, Here Are the Tips - It's no longer a secret that many people fail to own a house with a mortgage system due to the BI checking process, where a bad credit history results in a mortgage application being rejected by the bank. Want to know how to buy a house using a mortgage without checking BI, see the tips below.

You need to know that BI checking or now called the Financial Information Service System (SLIK) is a Historical Individual Debtor Information (IDI) that records smooth or non-performing credit payments (collectibility), where customer credit information is exchanged between banks and financial institutions.

BI checking is one of the factors that allows a person to get credit approval from a bank or other financial institution, where when applying for credit to a bank the process requires BI Checking, both applying for Unsecured Credit (collateral-free credit), credit cards, and including Home Ownership Loans ( mortgage).

So the conclusion is that BI Checking is information about customers regarding payment history that can be accessed by banks or financial institutions that have access to find out the financial capabilities of debtors who wish to apply for credit. Therefore, SLIK or BI checking can be used as a parameter by banks in approving or rejecting prospective debtor submissions.

The BI checking or SLIK OJK assessment is based on a score where if the score is on a scale of 1-2, it means it is safe and most likely the mortgage application will be approved if the documents and other requirements are met. But if the score is on a scale of 3-5, which means that the credit is not smooth or bad, it is certain that the credit application process is rejected by the bank. In fact, it is not uncommon for bad credit to cause debtors to be blacklisted or blacklisted by BI.

How to Apply for a Mortgage Without BI Checking

For those of you who want to apply for a mortgage and feel you need to check your credit history for sure, then you should first check your BI checking online through the OJK website before applying for credit.

If the results are on a safe scale, then you can continue the process of applying for a home mortgage to the bank you choose. However, if you get your credit status on a blacklist or blacklist, then you must first undo applying for a mortgage to the bank, and replace it by applying for a mortgage without BI checking as follows.

Applying for In-House Credit

For those of you who want to apply for a home installment loan without a bank so you don't need to go through the BI checking process, the first way you can do is to apply for a loan directly to a housing developer where this method is also known as in-house credit.

With in-house credit. , the process of buying and selling houses only involves two parties, namely the developer as the seller and the debtor as the buyer without the need to involve a bank. The contents of the credit agreement will depend on the agreement that you agree on together.

Use Non-Bank Sharia HOC

The second way you can do to apply for a mortgage without BI checking is to take advantage of non-bank sharia mortgage facilities.

By using non-bank sharia mortgages, later the developer will directly deal with prospective debtors without bank intermediaries, from installment payments to contracts made according to Islamic law.

The advantage of Islamic mortgages without bank intermediaries is that consumers do not need to submit administrative documents for credit purposes such as conventional banks. However, applying for non-bank sharia mortgages requires a relatively high down payment, which can reach 50% of the house price and the tenor given is relatively shorter than ordinary mortgages.

HOC Risks Without BI Checking

The process of checking BI Checking by banks certainly has a number of definite reasons, one of which is to ensure the ability and honesty of customers in paying credit later. And if you decide to take installments without involving a bank as an official financial institution because of the advantage you can apply for without BI Checking, then of course there are some risks that you have to think about.

There are risks such as the possibility of default by the developer, where there is no guarantee that can protect the debtor and the house installments that have been paid. Or it could also be the risk of falsified legality documents such as letters such as SHM and IMB, because there is no bank involved as a guarantor and ensures all legality is truly genuine.

This is information on how to buy a house using a mortgage without BI checking, hopefully this can be useful and useful information for those of you who have problems with BI checking so you don't apply for a home loan.

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